Noel Pinto


The founder of Bay Area Truck Services and Bay Area Technical Services, Noel has worked in the transportation industry since 1961.  Formerly a plant manager for Mack Truck, Noel was also instrumental in developing the revolutionary Equipment Maintenance Management System at American President Lines Ltd, which has since been licensed by fleet operators throughout North America.  Noel directly supervises the Bay Area Technical Services group, and is the main point of contact for many of their projects.



Michael Vaz

Vice President of Operations

Mike directly supervises Bay Area Truck Services and manages the truck shop.  Mike also looks after tire service in the Bay Area.  He has 25 years of experience as a diesel and heavy equipment mechanic, and has led the same crew of mechanics at BATS since 1987.

George Gonzalez

Parts Manager

George operates the parts department and is in charge of billing for the truck shop. 



Dave Buck

Information Systems Manager

Dave looks after the computers and websites of BATS.  He also developed and maintains the Tire Management System, and works on many maintenance & repair related analysis projects.

Paul Rivard

Labor Leasing Services Manager

Paul manages and supervises BATS' various labor leasing and management leasing projects throughout the Bay Area.




Cindy Demar

Accounts Receivable

Cindy is the friendly voice of BATS, and is also responsible for Accounts Receivable and billing for Bay Area Technical Services.



Rae Pinto

Vice President Administration

Rae handles 2nd tier collections and is responsible for accounting.  Best to stay on her good side.