Bay Area Technical Services offers mounted tire programs in the Central, Eastern and Southern Regions.  Mounted bad tires are picked up by BATS from the customer's location, and an equal number of mounted new tires or retreads are dropped off.  All mounting and dismounting is done by our technicians at one of our two factories. 

Our technicians use the latest safety standards and equipment, and are carefully trained.  Using a mounted tire program protects our customers from the danger and liability of mounting and dismounting tires at their own maintenance locations.  A mounted tire program also increases the efficiency of our customers' shops.  The mechanics can spend more time fixing and maintaining equipment without the distraction of mounting and dismounting tires.  This is particularly true in smaller locations where a given mechanic has many duties besides mounting and dismounting tires.  In these cases the mechanic may not have the experience of a full-time tire technician, and will take longer to mount or dismount the tire, with a higher chance of error.